News from Southfield

By 05/09/2017Blog

The most major news at the moment has to be the progress of all the building work at Southfield. Phase 1, which is the development of the first floor to offices, a meeting room and accommodation for our staff, who are soon to be on the premises 24 hours a day, was completed in the middle of August. We have now moved our admin department upstairs and phase 2, which is the creation of a hydrotherapy room, a physiotherapy room, a grooming room, extra consulting rooms and extra kennels is now underway at the front of the building. This is likely to take until the end of October to compete then we will start the final phase which consists of upgrading the reception area, existing consulting rooms, creating a second ultra-clean orthopaedic operating theatre, creating larger cat and dog kennels and building an isolation room. Hopefully, all will be finished by mid to end January. These are exciting times for Southfield Veterinary Centre and we hope that you can weather the inconvenience there will be for for the next few months as the final product will be undoubtedly be a major improvement.