Our Facilities

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Surgical facilities

Should your pet require surgery, your veterinary surgeon will explain to you what the operation entails and the hospitalisation arrangements. Our nursing team offer outstanding aftercare and will discharge your pet with full instructions on how to care for your recovering pet at home.

Our operating suite is well equipped with many items that would not be out of place in a human hospital including advanced anaesthetic monitoring systems.

We routinely carry out complex orthopaedic and soft tissue surgical procedures, having specialist equipment for many operations. We have separate dog and cat wards and our larger walk-in kennels even have under-floor heating. Any patients that are hospitalised overnight will be monitored at regular intervals according to their medical requirements.

Diagnostic facilities

Our team of veterinary surgeons have access to a wide range of diagnostic tools enabling your pet’s condition to be treated as soon as possible.

Southfield has a state of the art digital x-ray system and an advanced ultrasound machine. This allows for non-invasive investigation of disease throughout the body and to get detailed images of all internal organs. Sometimes these procedures may be performed with your pet conscious but on occasions light sedation may be required.

Southfield has a full range of flexible and rigid endoscopes allowing the vets to see inside airways, intestines, the stomach, bladder and joints. This enables biopsies to be taken and even some foreign bodies to be removed without surgery.

Southfield has an extremely well equipped in house laboratory meaning the vets can get many results extremely quickly. We are able to test blood and urine giving us critical information when we need it in emergency situations. For more in depth analysis of blood or tissue samples and culture for bacteria or fungi we use an external laboratory that collects samples daily by courier to ensure speedy results.


Our receptionists can introduce you to the range of wormers and flea treatments we offer for sale. Our waiting area also stocks a wide array of pet accessories and products e.g. dog leads, collars, toys, shampoos and treats. You are always welcome to browse our well stocked display area. We can also supply and recommend specifically formulated pet foods for all the different “life stages” that you dog or cat goes through. We primarily stock Royal Canin but can order in any of the major food brands for your pet.


In 2017 our kennels were completely rebuilt with separate dog, cat and isolation wards. We ow run as a fully functioning 24 hour hospital and have veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses on the premises constantly monitoring your pet depending on their medical requirements.